Korea & Thailand

Time flies. It has become a phrase but sometimes you sit down and you realize how fleeting time actually is. I look back at the past year and I look at a year of travelling, adventures and a lot of new things learned and experienced. I honestly can not think of a better way how I could have spent this year. In the past weeks I realized though how tired I have become and that it is time to plan the end of my trip.

I am currently back in Thailand organizing my visa for India where I will take part in a yoga teacher course in the city of Rishikesh in northern India. This course will take a month and every day is going to be filled with yoga in all its forms and varieties from 6am to 8pm and I am really looking forward to it. It will meet my urge to settle down and work on something more permanent. After That I will fly home with a stop or two in Europe to visit friends. I will be back in Hamburg by late February or early March and I am really looking forward to it now.

About my recent travels: From the US I flew to Korea to spend a couple of days in Seoul. Most of the time I spent enjoying the great Korean cuisine or dealing with a terrible jet lag. I did some sightseeing but not a lot. Nevertheless I got a glimps of Korean life and culture and I must say I really liked what I saw. The people were very friendly and helpful and the city is quite easy to explore with its vast subway network and free wifi literally everywhere.

I was craving some nice beaches and underwater activity so off to Thailand I went after only five days. In Thailand I headed for the beautiful little Island of Koh Tao in the gulf of Thailand to finally learn scuba diving. Great reefs and low costs due to the fact that it was off season made it the perfect spot. So I didn’t only do the open water diver license, I went for the advanced open water license including the nitrox diver (diving with oxygen enriched air). From the first dive on I liked the feeling of zero gravity and the meditative state of mind you get in. Seeing marine creatures in abundance up close like this can’t be anything but fascinating. Sometimes it got a little bit too close though. On one of the first dives I encountered a great barracuda which was a huge fellow. It got curious and swam directly towards me. I was mesmerized by its piercing gaze and the big teeth so I didn’t realize how close it got. Only when I felt my dive instructor grabbing me by my tank and pulling me backwards away from the big fish I understood that I should maybe back off a little. In another situation I encountered a mad trigger fish which started attacking my dive instructor and me. We had to back off immediately because they have a sharp beak which can inflict some deep wounds. But even these encounters only added to the adventure and made me want to dive more. I decided to go to the western coast of Thailand, the Andaman sea, which has one of the world’s top dive spot: Richelieu Rock. I was lucky to get on a liveaboard for a very good last minute deal on the same day I got to the west coast. I spent four days on a boat and did nothing but dive, eat, sleep, repeat. Loved it! Amazing visibility and thousands over thousands of different creatures. That was when I really started loving scuba diving even though I didn’t encounter any big things like sharks or manta rays. I will definitely keep it up.

After the diving adventure I went down to Krabi to do some free climbing which I haven’t done in a long time. I guess I don’t need to tell you about how sore my muscles were after three days of climbing up the surreal karst rocks in southern Thailand. I could barely move without pain.

Back in Bangkok I made preparations for my trip to Myanmar which I returned from yesterday. What a wonderful country it is. I will add a post about Myanmar to my blog very soon so stay tuned!

See you around,


One comment

  1. Frohes neues Jahr!
    Schön von dir zu lesen und, dass es dir in Myanmar gefallen hat!
    Das Tauchen in Thailand war echt klasse !
    Grüße aus dem kalten Bielefeld!

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